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Conceptualization, Direction, Production, Post-Production, Marketing & Distribution of Audiovisual Content.

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We assist you in what you need to get the ball rolling in all types of projects, from how to organize it to developing the concept, preproduction, as well as graphic references.


Whatever format or purpose you choose for your project, at La Cotufa we have the experience to follow through any production, coordinating and managing all the elements that make it possible.


This is one of the most important stages of any project. We have experts in the fields of editing, sound mixing and design, coloring, animation and special effects, always striving to create high quality films.


Having your content on platforms such as YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, Netflix and Hulu makes all the difference nowadays. We have joint ventures and certifications that allow us to offer you the chance to reach any audience through these multi-channel networks. La Cotufa also has strategic partnerships for film, television and traditional channel distribution.

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