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About Us

At La Cotufa, we live to help our clients communicate their ideas and messages with today’s dynamic style, be it artists, companies or corporations.

We are specialized in every service surrounding an audiovisual project, from concept design and preproduction to directing, production, editing, sound design and mixing, coloring, animation and special effects. We are also experienced in content distribution through digital platforms, a key service for reaching wider audiences.

Under the guide of director and producer Jorge Martínez, and strategically based in Miami, at La Cotufa we have a team of experts that guarantee the best quality in every video, commercial, documentary, short or feature that we create.


Our mission is to tell stories that refer to our world around us and inspire us to progress in our own lives.


Our vision is to present to the world the highest quality content possible with the techniques of filmmaking regardless of format.

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La Cotufa | Director

Our Director

Jorge L. Martínez F.